Marble and Granite Custom Fabrications and Installation

It all started when I was a child growing up in a small village in the Middle East. At an early age, I learned the definition of hard work, reliability and accuracy. While the age I started to work at is considered child labor in the modern world, I was able to take something negative and turn it to a positive. In the late 80’s, I immigrated to the United States, and after finishing college, I started AJ Marble and Granite Inc. in 1996. Then, I got to apply the skills I learned at a young age to serve clients and make their dreams come true. What do you remember most about a house? For most people it’s the kitchen and bathroom. Marble and granite will make this memory stay closer to the heart. Did you know that according to realtor experts, investing in the kitchen and bathroom has the highest return on investment? It’s a ratio of 2:1 which is the highest ratio compared to any other room in the house. At AJ Marble and Granite we help dreams come true – We can help you get the best image at the lowest price. Come and experience why a small local business in your area can understand you better, meet expectations and budget.

Aboud J. Yosif, Owner